Difference Making, Faith, Work and Hope

Yet, it was so kind of you to share my trouble.  Philippians 4:13




This is work stuff; but, it’s also life stuff. I was asked to have a conversation about the increase in suicides and to comment on how the faith community could be a resource.

WAFJ Difference Maker

On the afternoon of the recording of this interview, I finished up a grant application.

The closing question with the blank text box and word limit…

How will this funding help you to make a difference?

I decided then, trying to recall the exact cliche type expression…” the words will not be lost on me”…something like that.

So, I’m sharing this interview in hopes my responses to questions and elaborations on my thoughts might make a difference.

Disclaimer: I am no clinician. I am a listener and a learner and thus, a sharer.

Sharing to maybe make a difference.

Other resources:


Prevention Hotline

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