October Newsletter



Maybe small change is God’s idea, subtle. shifts of just not quitting.

Here’s October’s Newsletter:

Redemptive Stories

If I’m honest, my newsletter is just a blog post in a different location…and most of the time my blog posts are just diary, (blogging pros say this is not good).

Still, quitting because you’re not big and strong or fancy or famous enough is never good.

Continue, continue and believe.



8 thoughts on “October Newsletter

  1. I’m not good at following advice of the pros either. A friend sent me an article she read recently with this quote I’ve added to my notebook. ‘She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.’ – Beau Taplin Be unstoppable, Lisa. xx

  2. I love your thoughts and your writing, Lisa. Although my spiritual path takes a different road, your words often speak to me. Thank you for the blog and the newsletter. ♥️

  3. Lisa, I love your quiet, reflective way of writing. This newsletter really spoke to me. Your art work does too. I only wish it was available to purchase in the UK. They both serve to remind me to stay in faith despite my circumstances looking rather bleak sometimes. And to be content to remain invisible and small. Keep on doing what you do so well. Sooner than you think, your book will materialise and be just what people need to read, including me… 😊❤

      • They’re all lovely in their own way, Lisa. I think “peace-Y” is truly tranquil, and “Elizabeth’s First Autumn” is gloriously vibrant. If money were no object I would love to purchase them. But I must stick to my budget instead. If I settle on a set of 15 of your beautiful notecards, how much would it cost to ship? If it’s too expensive then I might have to decline and simply admire from afar. 😊💜

  4. Have you been peeking in my windows? listening to my thoughts?
    “…subtle shifts of just not quitting…”. Amen, sister.
    Thanks for putting words to my secrets… <3

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