Lisa Anne Tindal


I write and paint and I am ever wondering, “What’s their story?” and what are the hidden parts …the secret sorrows held tightly by us all.

I’m a noticer, of God and of skies and birds, feathers and expressions on faces that draw me to wonder.   I am reassured every day of God’s grace and mercy and I’m reminded to rest, to be quietly confident.

On most days, I write “trust” on the palm of my hand. I close my fingers into the letters or let my thumb rest there in the place of knowing.

In quiet confidence is my strength.   Isaiah 30:15


12 thoughts on “Lisa Anne Tindal

      1. I have leaned to blog to amuse myself and to share a view out of the window of my world. In many ways, it is my electronic journal, out there for the world to see. Just get in the habit of putting posts up on a regular basis…..some will be better than others….don’t worry as you don’t get graded on this. Just have fun. Some of the best things I thought I wrote had no readers and stupid stuff got hundreds…it just doesn’t matter. Go to and look at Kurt’s 25 blogs guaranteed to make you smarter and visit each of them for ideas…We “borrow” things from each other…as long as we give each other credit. Explore the intertunnel….it has beautiful stops along the way. There is so much you can do with WordPress….get creative.


  1. All you:

    I use words and phrases that seem right to me, even if they make the reader uncomforable, because I’m trying to somehow put the Book of Kells into my writing. But now you should find your own method and style. Oscar Wilde spoke of the importance of style. I want my words to be forceful, beautiful, and individual, and you, too, can find your own method and style for your insights.

    ~ Thomas Moore, A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World

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