Pieces and Commissions

A new piece, “Gonna Be Okay” 10×10 mixed media on wood. Send a message if interested.

A new painting called “Possibly” 18×24 acrylic with palette knife.

I’ve completed “Springtime Pines”. The original sold quickly but, I am taking orders for prints either on canvas or paper.

Complete form below if interested.

A work in progress, a large piece 30x4O, “Springtime Pines”

I feel close to God when I paint. I feel the tension of the struggle between angst and endeavor and then I feel the release and the peace when creativity is not for an audience and my intent is not to measure up alongside other artists.

Art is like faith, you continue, you push, you pull back and you accept new ideas and different ways to bring whatever it may be to completion that God wills to be.

So, I’ll paint and display pieces here, examples of pieces that may be commissioned as well as spontaneous works for sale. Complete the form below if interested in a painting to confirm availability or to request a commission of an abstract, landscape or angel girl. I am thankful you’re here and thankful to God for art and for words.

Scroll through and complete the form at the bottom if you’d like to connect to discuss a commission or purchase an available piece.

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“Fly Away”

Mixed media painting on wrapped canvas 5X7


Summer Storm 9X12 Mixed Media $79

Cows Come Home 9X12 Mixed Media $79
“Toward Home” 20X20 Mixed Media $179
“Sunset Soon” Mixed Media 9×12 $79
“Joy” mixed media collage$79
“Patience” mixed media collage $79
“Gentleness” mixed media collage $79
“The Colors of my Bible” mixed media 11X14 numbered print $79
“Grace upon Grace” mixed media on wood commissions open
“Grace Upon Grace” ( a sister) commissions open

“Glorious Day” Mixed Media 8 x 10 $79
“Oh My Soul” Mixed Media inspired by hymn 9X12 $99 commissions open

“Day by Day” Mixed media inspired by hymn 11X14 $99 accepting commissions
“Light of the World” mixed media inspired by hymn commissions open
“Autumn Marsh’ mixed media 5X7 $49
“Crescent and Pines” framed 20X24 $179
“Crescent and Pines” commissions open

Lisa Anne Tindal

Complete the form below if you are interested in one of the pieces here or would like to discuss a commission. Commissions require a deposit. I paint pretty quickly and if there is shipping required, it is included.