31 Days, Freely – When

“The monarchs are migrating.” I offered as if I knew anything at all about butterfly migration or Fall.

“It’s amazing how far they travel, they’re on the way now,” he added a foreign place I can’t remember and told me how he had read of their journey, how they were created to become beautiful and then to fly.

I know nothing about such things, I’ve only heard about this, I realize.

I sit with my feet in the sand in the place that was clear for us, a wide space, no other people in our space.

They kept flying near along with the dragonfly, landing or flirting with the possibility of resting near my chair.

I tried to capture the image, they only captured my fascination.

Walking, the next day before leaving, I saw another one there. This one, in the rubble of raked debris, just lying there.

The Lab was distracted as I bent to collect it, a small one, I kept it in my hand.

Knowing that it was landed there softly for my finding.

Knowing every little thing on my path is significant to my story.

Yesterday, we gave $5 to a woman with a sign. She reached through my window and I avoided her eyes, “God bless you today for this.” she said and then the light changed and I led us on our way towards food in the hungry and impatient line of cars.

My husband wondered about her worthiness and we both decided his observation might be right.

Then we chose to let go of our judgment, to let be what will be with her intentions, only feel sure ours were good and hopeful and done in love we certainly didn’t consider ever having for her at all.

Not her, nor the shaken young woman, mistaken somehow in her driving, causing our accident. It is best to love her although it makes no sense at all.

I woke this morning deciding not to judge her, nor the others who may have been off track, trying to get back on.

Deciding love is better, costs so very little at all.

When we choose love, people get the best of us, they get to see Jesus coming through because there’s no way we’d ever be so consistent with mercy at all.

“We love because he first loved us.”

‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I’m not able own my own.

When we love, we aren’t able to judge. When we really love, there’s no sense or room for judgment, at all.

Troubled Hearts and All

The day, already designed

The day, already designed

If it were possible for God to be perplexed by us

I wonder which would trouble Him more

Our hearts or our minds?

The sky was filtering early signs of sunlight finally, today.

Just before dawn I noticed and stopped to ponder my wavering faith.

To settle my thoughts on one word, All.

To trust in all my ways with all  my heart .

Proverbs 3:5-6

Proverbs 3:5-6

If God were troubled, annoyed, frustrated

Would my less than grateful heart be the cause?

My heart is confident and assured at times, but if reminded somehow of loss or regret I go right back to solemn and sullen. So quickly my mood can move from presence of good to  overshadowed by the past.

So, I’m wondering this morning what life would be like if God grew impatient and bewildered when we turn our hearts back to the shadows and we

get stuck there

unwilling to embrace goodness.

Would he be more confounded by darkened hearts or questioning minds?

Minds that doubt His design, losing sleep.

A prayer before sleep last night, a lament of surrender led me to wake earlier today.  Vacant thoughts slowly led to recall of a  “memory verse” that beckoned me forward.

Trust more, Lisa.

All your heart, not just a little.

All your ways, not just some.

And then in the quiet, a reply,  “It’s good that you’re back, Lisa.  Hope you stay a little longer this time.”

Grace, grace, God’s grace.

He’s a good, good Father.

Just a hint, rising up, peeking through. Waiting and believing with all my heart, all my mind.

Just a hint of light, peeking through. Waiting and believing with all my heart, all my mind.

Spreading love


Last week I was hugged by a beautiful, fragile little black lady. She was dressed in a pale green pant suit with a beautiful pin shaped like a daisy on her lapel next to her Holiday Inn name tag. I met her our last day in Atlanta for a crazy, hectic stressful baseball trip. I needed Frosted Flakes.

All the buffet had were mini wheats and bran.

She saw me standing in the middle of the hurried baseball parent crowd and walked over asking, “What in the world is it you need, pretty mama?”

I smiled.

How could I not smile, this angel with a jubilant smile, tilted towards me, hair pulled into a perfect bun? I said, “I wondered if there is more cereal in the back, Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.”

She smiled, turned confidently on her heels and said  “I’ll be right back!” She came back with Frosted Flakes, three boxes, and said, “Now you go and have a good day.”

I lingered there, in front of her joyous face, then hugged her and said “I love you.” She smiled back, really big…and said. “You be blessed.”  “Thanks.” I said, walking towards the elevator, glancing back to see her watching me go as she whispered, “Keep spreading that love.”

Kindness of kind hearted souls

Grace and love without reservation

Entertained by and entertaining angels…Love.


Yesterday, I felt redeemed.

Luke 8:48

Luke 8:48

Yesterday, I listened to the telling of a story from the Book of Luke about a woman shunned, a woman who longed for freedom; peace of mind, peace of heart. Years of carrying the burden of solitude and shame because of her difference, her disgrace. She carried the weight of a condition she most likely felt was a punishment, although she knew no reason. She was unclean, without child and anchored by pain. She was meek, causing no harm, slinking back, avoidance was her way. She kept her gaze low for she knew her appearance was one that met eyes of ugliness and horror. She was unclean.

So, on the day she heard Jesus had been summoned to save the life of a little girl she found her way into the crowd…a crowd so large she might have a chance to blend and to ease unnoticed amongst the onlookers. The masses were captivated, anxious to see this man who had been healing, saving…no one will notice she thought, if I just touch the hem of his garment.

But, Jesus noticed, and surprised her with his turn from his path to touch her back, to heal her…he told her gently, confidently, calmly…”Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” Luke 8:48

So, she did because Jesus felt her timid grasp, her anxious, humble plea, her perceived unworthy effort.

Yesterday, I felt redeemed.

It was a reminder of peace and beauty… a settled, satisfied feeling of where I am in Christ, not where I was.  It was quiet confidence. It was beautiful redemption.


starfish and grace

starfish wonderA starfish stopped Hayes from his joyous running to and from the tide. Fascinated by this gift of the tide gliding up next to our chair, he stopped and smiled, looking up to say, “It’s pretty. Aunt Lisa.” His sweet face tilted up towards mine, I smiled back thankful for this Grace, this beauty, this exchange.

When I glance towards the sky and then look up again, beckoned by its beauty, that’s Grace.

When I rush back to work and am greeted by a red bird, fluttering softly then landing on the fence post, I slow down and wait, the velvety red color, captivating me…I sit until it flys away, thankful for Grace.

When I notice the scent of honeysuckle, slowing down my power walk to a restful stroll, that’s Grace.

When I call a friend and she lovingly tells me to let things go, that heavy stuff is only heavy because I carry it so long, that’s Grace.

When I pray, and I sense his peace and his best, that’s Grace.

His Grace finds us.

God is everywhere, we just forget to notice.

Lord, help us to be still long enough to notice your ever present glorious Grace. Help us to know you orchestrate our starfish moments as encounters with You, our loving and Gracious Father, saying  “Draw near, Stay near, see the beauty I have for You.”

And so, I walk in the Lord’s presence as I live here on earth. Psalm 116:9