strong words

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Even so

Even so

Patience is intentional.

It is effort.

Not ever effortless.

Faith is a solid, yet sweet statement.

Not meek;  Faith is quite courageous.


Hope, a word offered up as buoy, as preservation.

A pleasant wish to ease the distressed

Devoid of much at all really to sustain, to hold up.

Until anchored in Sovereign strength of God,

Patience and hope are just poetry without faith in God.

Little pleasantries become confident stories.

Strong words

Not timid “hope so’s'”

Or, ” have faith’s”

Or  little “well wishes”

But, well souls.

Confident and unshaken wellness

It is Well. It is Well

with my soul, Strong words.

Strong souls.

The Lord is my strength and my song;  He has become my victory. Psalm 118:14


3 thoughts on “strong words

  1. So much should be said about the Heart – the Soul. This is where His Sprit resides in each of us once we accept His gift. If we could allow our changed hearts to direct our minds, what a wonderful world we would live in.


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