Peaceful, Beautiful, Happy Smiles


photo 3-5_kindlephoto-5215267I’ve paused to notice Day 5’s Advent Card since hanging alongside the others in order countdown.

It’s a humble beauty, this card. Just the faintest of peachy skin colored background, a feathery wreath and a pretty “five” in just slightest of gracefully shiny gold.

Evoking beauty, a contented

Much like a faded photo of a beautiful woman captured in laughter.

Knowing not her beauty.

A woman uncomfortable with being noticed, usually uncertain of her pose.

Yet, in a moment she’s laughing with all her heart and soul.

She’s surrounded by her children, and us, cousins.

She’s joyous.

Her beauty is pronounced. She’s at peace.

Soft hair, uncombed and messy from ocean breeze.

Her cheeks plumped up by beaming smile, resting  ‘neath pretty eyes.

An old black and white photo, the date in tiny type on the scallop bordered edge.

The woman?

My aunt, the one who taught me

“Prayer and Patience”

She’s a humble beauty.

Day 5 of Advent, a peaceful happiness, an easy optimism and hope.

Mary and child, the angels providing a warm glow to welcome the baby Jesus.

If there were a photo, it would be an image of sublime celebration on a dark cold, but warm night.

I imagine Mary’s smile,  peaceful and serene.

Unreserved and unhidden, embracing glory

Upon seeing the face of her child.

Thoughtful in the miracle of a child.

All who heard were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:18-19

Let there be peace tonight and unhindered smiles tomorrow.


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